Fabletics Fiercely Challenges Amazon: Reverse Showrooming

Cyber sportswear designer, Fabletics, isn’t slowing down. Since it emerged in 2013, it’s steadily flourished, reporting an average growth rate of 35 percent yearly. Today, it’s competing against ivy league e-commerce fashion retailers like Amazon. With Amazon already controlling 20 percent market share, younger brands face tough challenges. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a Techstyle brand, brings a game-changing marketing model that’s imprinted on consumers. Although Fabletics’ strategy isn’t relatively new, it’s been optimized uniquely. Many online retailers have coined and executed similar strategies that fail or lose relevance over time. So, naturally, the Fabletics family approached the market differently. In just three years, it’s generated $250 million. For an e-commerce model that didn’t launch any physical locations until last year, it’s an impressive feat.


What sets this designer apart from competitors selling trendy brand name articles is the overall experience. Interestingly, they’ve taken their role to a whole new level, especially when helping consumers decide on fashion that they’re fond of. Through membership, they’re harvesting real-time data that conveys an intimate consumer experience. It manipulates data science in the interest of curating fashion recommendations inspired by member interests. It’s gone about showrooming quite differently. In fact, it uses a reverse technique that guarantees sales conversion no matter where a consumer decides to shop. When potential consumers browse Fabletics fashion at any local franchise, all styles they’ve tried are added to their virtual shopping cart as well. With a primary focus on building relationships, an estimated 25 percent of browsers that visit Fabletics locations subscribe and another 30-50 percent are already registered.


In retail marketing, brand reputation suffers when data science isn’t employed properly. Fabletics put data science to work strategically. With awareness of actual sales activity, social media feedback, local market trends and retail store heat-mapping, they’re curating and personalizing content to increase satisfaction. Fabletics SVP of operations, Dustin Netral explained how the brand manipulates shopper preference statistics and global style trends to drive instant gratification. In a similar vein, it’s managed to keep the consumer journey adventurous. There’s never a bland moment, with them routinely updating styles inspired by consumer interests and market behavior. As Fabletics ventures new avenues, it’s continually investing in preference discovery to better elevate the consumer experience. Of course, it relies on mixed data and trends to chart these journeys. While doing all this, it’s thriving and evolving, taking on new challenges.


Typically, Fabletics uses a subscription-based model that optimizes shopper experience through preference discovery and experimentation. Quality workout clothes cost a decent investment these days. Fabletics have found a way to bundle everything and keep shopping trips affordable without sacrificing quality or the brand journey. Subscriptions typically cost $49 to $59 monthly for 2-3 pieces of clothing. Its VIP membership affords bigger savings on fitness apparel and style bundles as low as $25 for newly registered subscribers. If a subscriber decides to skip a month, they’re charged nothing.


Fabletics are pretty consistent with fashion recommendations every month, although subscribers have the final decision. Its designer leggings measure up to the likes of niche brands Lululemon Underwunders. They’re yoga instructor-approved, durable, shape defining and compress compliant. While sizes run smaller, especially for chic cut-out tops without native shelf bra bonded, Fabletics designs are absolutely breathtaking, comfortable and lasting. The brand fashions stylish, memorable designs, appropriating playful bold patterns, sheer fabrics, mesh and cut-out styles. Its vast inventory also catalogs simpler styles, which are mostly solid colors adorning sporty bottoms and tops. Styles go pretty quickly at Fabletics. With online shopping and customer service, it gets easier, although sizing, stock availability, shipping, etc. can be a challenging encounter. Nonetheless, Fabletics offering isn’t rivaled elsewhere.

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