Jason Hope Talks About How The Internet Of Things Will Transform Lives

Jason Hope, the Arizona entrepreneur famous for starting tech giant Jawa, among other things, has recently began writing extensively about the direction upcoming technology will take, particularly the much vaunted Internet of Things.

Hope says that this technology, more than any other that has come along sense the internal combustion engine, has the potential to visibly transform people’s daily lives in ways far greater than the advent of the personal computer or mobile devices like the iPhone.

Jason Hope believes that the coming integration of all things into a gigantic global network will touch nearly every aspect of people’s lives.

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The Internet of Things: coming to a grocery store near you

Hope believes that one of the first areas that will be affected of Internet of Things is the process of shopping and delivery. People may not realize it, but many of these changes have already been taking place behind the scenes. Companies like Amazon, with its main fulfillment center in Seattle, have already been deploying extensive robotics on the floors of their warehouses. In fact, Amazon’s technology is fully capable of being implemented in grocery stores across the country today, both for stocking shelves and fulfilling orders. The reason it has not yet been widely adopted is simply that the costs don’t match the scale of those operations. With billions of dollars worth of orders per month, Amazon can afford million dollar equipment. But Jason Hope says, don’t get complacent. These things always drop exponentially in price. Within a few years, robotics will be seen at local grocery stores across the country.

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