How Betsy Devos’ Work History Has Made Her a Superior Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos, the matriarch of the wealthy Devos family and the current United States Secretary of Education, has received a copious amount of press coverage regarding her recent nomination to the presidential cabinet following the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump nominated Betsy Devos for the Secretary of Education position shortly after his own nomination and caused an utter whirlwind of media attention to become focused specifically on Mrs. Devos, her public history, and her qualifications for the highest education position in the land. Although several liberal media outlets have waged a virtual war with Betsy Devos regarding her stated views on public education and federal policy, Devos has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the progression and systematic improvement of the American public education institution through her philanthropic efforts and long career of sacrificial public service.

Early Life In Public Service

Betsy Devos began her political career as a supporter of the Republican Party and public school education reform programs. The wealthy Devos family contributed large amounts of both personal and business funds toward the development of school choice options for needy and low-income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. After becoming the chair of the Devos foundation for school choice in Michigan, Betsy Devos decided to become a more integral part of the school choice movement by participating in her husband’s gubernatorial race. Though Dick Devos lost the race, Betsy Devos continued to donate generously to school reform initiatives and quickly became the leader of the official school choice campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

History With Michigan Public School System

After becoming the head of the school choice campaign in her home state, Betsy Devos began to become heavily involved in the efforts to reform the Michigan Public School System. Devos contributed a massive amount of time, money, and effort to the development of viable options for low-income families who were usually presented with a single option of enrolling their children in a failing public school. Devos worked consistently with the Michigan Public School System through her role with the Michigan republican party and eventually helped to pass a school choice voucher program in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Future With The United States Federal Government

Through her extensive work with Michigan politicians in an effort to advance the opportunities of low-income students, Betsy Devos has proved her dedication to the adequate reformation of the American public school system as a whole. Although liberal politician often speak of reforming federal mandates on the public school system, their efforts often do little more than uphold the failure that has existed within the public school system for decades. Betsy Devos is not a politician, but a philanthropist who has given her life to the goal of creating a better educational system for all American students.

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