David McDonald – Helping OSI Industries Go Global with Strategic Business Initiatives

     David McDonald is the President of OSI Industries, which is a global leader in supplying food products to various international food services and food chains. The company is headquartered in Aurora and has manufacturing units and branches in over 17 countries. OSI Industries have more than 50 manufacturing units spread through different countries globally to provide sufficient supply to its clients across the globe.

David McDonald has helped OSI Industries to go global and branch out in many of the developing countries to ensure the company continues its success momentum. David McDonald says that one of the key focus of the companies is China, which has one of the largest consumer bases in the world and is among the fastest developing economies globally. David McDonald holds Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University. Before becoming the President of the OSI Industries, he served as the project manager at OSI. Also, he holds the position of the Chairman at the prestigious North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald is also the director of one of the subsidiaries of OSI Industries, OSI International Foods Pty Limited. Having worked within the food services sector for long, David McDonald understands the business inside out, which has helped him make strategic decisions and implement strategic initiatives that have helped the firm grow and expand exponentially under his leadership. David McDonald firmly believes that a brand that operates in different countries cannot follow the one size fits all policy as it has to follow the local guidelines, rules, and legislations to stay compliant with the state laws.

It is for this reason David McDonald has helped perpetuate the brand globally while building teams of local experts in each of its international operations to ensure seamless operations. David McDonald has many innovative plans for OSI Industries going forward to help brand penetrate the food services sector further.

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3 Tips To Get The Most From Your Legal Career

Are you entering the legal field and wanting to make your way in in a way that is favorable? If so, you can’t go wrong by following some words of advice from Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck offers some sound information for everyone looking to practice law of any kind. If this interests you, be sure that you take the time to follow these three tips, which will be helpful to you at every juncture in your career. Take advantage of the tips in this article so that you have the opportunity to do everything that will help you when on this path.

#1: Take the time to get to know people in the field

This is definitely a networking based business, so give yourself the opportunity to make great connections every single day. This is something that is invaluable if you are a law school student. By taking the time to get to know everyone in your circle, you will have the opportunity to reach the top of your career. By taking advantage of your network and areas of influence, you will have the opportunity to take your career to new heights.

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#2: Grab that associate’s position

If you really want to make the most out of your time in the legal field, you need to climb the ladder by finding those coveted positions. One of the most important positions on the path to becoming a lawyer is to become an associate. This is an excellent foot in the door that you can build upon. Make sure that you find a law firm that will allow you to climb the ladder and potentially turn it into a long term career.

#3: Find the right focus

If you want to make your path easier, it is important to focus on areas of specialty. This will dictate a lot of your workload, so find something that you love and make sure to learn as much as you can about it.

These are words of advice issues by Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck has practiced law for more than a decade, which is why this is such sound advice. He focuses on compliance and risk management for Hire Counsel. Because Karl Heideck has been in practice as attorney for so long with a successful career, make the most out of these words of advice the best you can.

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Business Mogul and Innovative Talent: Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci started out in life by having just enough money to get by, and things got tighter after he lost his father when he was just ten years old. By the time he was 18, he was living out of his van, and it was one of the darkest points in his life. Mr. Vertucci began his career by founding his company that specialized in selling computer parts, and his life started to turn around. He got married and had three little girls in a short time span, and things were starting to look up until early 2000. In 2000, there was a dot com crash, and this massively affected Mr. Vertucci’s life as his company began to sink, and sink quickly. For the next eighteen months, Nick Vertucci dug himself deeper and deeper in debt trying to keep his business afloat and lost nearly everything in the process according to fortunesinflippingevent.com. He was at his breaking point when a friend offered him an invitation to a three-day real estate training seminar. Mr. Vertucci went to this workshop despite his initial reservations, and he credits it as changing his life.

The Next Chapter

Mr. Vertucci soaked up everything he could from the initial real estate seminar and spent the next decade honing his new skill. Nick Vertucci founded The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc and had been training people how to succeed ever since. He also founded NV Real Estate Academy with the goal of providing ordinary citizens the tools to help them succeed. Nick Vertucci uses his Fortunes in Flipping system as a means to help people learn what it takes to make themselves a success. He uses real-world experience and hands-on training on nvrealestateacademy.com to motivate his students. He offers 100 percent free workshops all over the United States to help get the word out about his successes.

Nick Vertucci is an innovative businessman who always strives to do better and help more people. His system and academy are reaching out and catching the interest of young entrepreneurs everywhere.

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