Dick DeVos, making a difference in Education Sector of America

Dick DeVos is not only a famous entrepreneur but also a philanthropist at heart. He is quite well known for his humanitarian work for the American community and has brought a lot of remarkable changes in the society. He is a staunch supporter of carrying out reforms in the field of education. His selection of schools, charter school system and school vouchers have played a pivotal role in raising the quality of education all across the country. He recognizes the importance of education in life, and that is why he believes that every single child in America should be helped to pursue his dreams by getting an education. He is of the view that the quality of education in America is getting weaker day by day and it needs serious attention by the government. He also believes that all the wealthy people in the country should focus on the education of poor people.



Mr. DeVos contribute a major sum of his philanthropic contributions in the education sector. Dick along with his wife Betsy DeVos who is the current U.S Secretary of Education has allocated more than three million dollars in the year 2015 for various educational ventures. This amount is equal to almost twenty six percent of their annual donations. Both of them donated almost eleven and a half million dollars in 2015 which is almost double the amount of the political contributions that they made in the past five years. This shows their commitment and devotion to the field of education. They have also established a foundation named Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to manage, monitor and control the efficient utilization of funds.



The recent report on their donations revealed that both Betsy and Dick had donated almost one hundred and thirty nine million dollars up till now. Not only the husband and wife are famous for their philanthropic work, but Dick’s father is also known for his humanitarianism all across the country. In 2015, when their assets and finances were analyzed, the world got to know that from their contributions, sixteen percent goes to the community whereas twelve percent goes to public property. Thirteen percent of their net worth is designated to leadership and development, five percent for health and care services and four percent of churches.



Dick is quite well known as a community support activist in Grand Rapids, his hometown. He has helped in Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids City Market, convention center, medical school of Michigan State University. He also gave charity for the construction of a children’s hospital under the management of Spectrum Health System by donating twelve and a half million dollars.



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