The Integrity Bruno Fagali Has Become Respected For In His Legal Career

     Bruno Fagali has built a reputation for professionalism and integrity in the world of legal services. He is an attorney in Brazil and the creator of the FAGALI Advocacy. He has expertise in administrative contracts, bidding law, expropriation actions, urban law, regulatory law, etc. He has helped stop the corruption so commonly associated with public funds and government contracts. As the corruption scandals have continued to escalate Bruno Fagali is becoming more recognized and his views more widely known.

Bruno Fagali initiated specialized training and ethics so transparency within the organization became possible with the help of the corporates. Through his efforts the FAGALI Advisory began the fight for social equality with the use of compliance, public law, anti-corruption, and election. Bruno Fagali additionally serves nova/sb in the position of Corporate Integrity Manager. Many of their advertising campaigns come from the Brazilian government although they also serve numerous international organizations. This includes the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization. Bruno Fagali was instrumental in the creation of an ethics committee for the agency due to his work with the Corporate Integrity Program. The employees and the members now receive a uniform treatment because of the hard work of Bruno Fagali. He was responsible for training the employees in several different offices on the value of integrity.

When Bruno Fagali first embarked on his career he served several different law firms as an intern. Prior to creating his own firm he worked as a lawyer for the Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. Bruno Fagali achieved a high education when he attended college in São Paulo. The Pontifical Catholic University provided him with his Bachelor’s degree in Law. He serves the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics as a member of both organizations.

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