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Andreas Hassellof is Leading With Sweden

The small country of Sweden has a notable reputation for producing and hosting some of the most innovative global companies. Andreas Hassellof, the founder of Ombori, a global tech company, is one such example. While many people do not know much about Sweden, many people would be surprised to learn that the small country is a major leader in the global economy.

Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe. Every country in the world has a reputation for certain goods, materials, or popular global exports. What makes Sweden’s economy and their exports so interesting are that their goods and companies are located in many other countries, but people do not readily identify with Sweden.

Andreas Hassellof and Ombori are just two examples of a large network of Swedish companies that are globally known. Other major companies include Ikea, Volvo, and H&M. All of these companies were founded in Sweden. Not only are these companies well-known, but they are also leaders in their industries and firm reputations. For Sweden to be a country of only 10 million people, it is a major player in the world.

Sweden’s foundation for becoming a global business leader started in the 1800s when prominent families with influence began to invest in the country’s economy. Today, investing is a major contribution to the country’s economy.

Today, almost a quarter of Sweden’s economy is based on the industrial sector. And over half of the country’s economy is based on telecommunication and IT equipment.

As technology changes our world, people want to look ahead to the future and what industry will lead us. Sweden is quickly becoming a Tech hub, rivering Silicon Valley. Considering Sweden’s history, this does not come as a shock. With its emerging tech industry, Sweden continues to produce innovative companies and brands.

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