Nathaniel Ru: The Mind Behind Sweetgreen

Being a college student often leaves you with the dilemma of whether you want to eat healthy or whether you want to save money. Very infrequently do you find both of these things in one convenient location. The was exactly the issue that then Georgetown University senior Nathaniel Ru and his friends were having while they were students. Never before had a restaurant existed in their area that combined a fun atmosphere that was attractive to college students with both healthy dining options and a reasonable price tag. This is when Nathaniel and his friends thought up the idea of Sweetgreen which aimed to provide fresh and often local produce in a new and fun way to college kids and the surrounding Washington D.C. population. With little more than their three and a half years of education and constant prodding, the students finally arranged a meeting with their landlord who also happened to own a space down the street from their apartment. After the meeting the Nathaniel was tasked with returning with financial backers and an actual business plan. He did this in under one month and returned to Georgetown to get to work. This was the first location of Sweetgreen and it was a hit. The company quickly expanded into locations in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Ru often compares his company to Apple in that they believe they looked from the outside in to develop a product the best way possible that the population both craved and demanded. Nathaniel Ru is seeking to do what many large enterprises have already successfully done which is to create a brand that means something to the customers. Ru and his associates wants this restaurant to mean more than just a quick place to stop for a salad over your lunch hour. Nathaniel has found a great way to make his customers feel like a part of a community and that is through music. After starting out with nothing more than some speakers playing music outside one of their D.C. locations, Ru has built a music festival, dubbed “sweetlife“, which now attracts thousands of people every year to enjoy music, food and a sense of camaraderie. What started as a simple idea to serve fun, healthy and inexpensive food for Nathaniel Ru and his friends has grown into something much larger than they could have ever imagined.

Mark Sparks Accomplishments in the Business World

Marc Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who has transformed the world. At the moment, the successful publisher is based in Texas, and he has managed to establish several companies in the Dallas region. Many people know him as the chief executive officer and founder of a successful company known as Timber Creek Capital.


Marc Sparks is not a newbie in the business world. Sparks has worked as an entrepreneur for years, and he this has enabled him to acquire a lot of expertise and experience. All his companies have done very well, regardless of the financial situation in the world. This expertise has played a leading role in his career. Sparks loves the telecommunication world, real estate, venture investing and technology, and this is where he has invested heavily. Learn more:


The serial entrepreneur has won the hearts of many people in the world because he is passionate about helping other people. Because Sparks has acquired a lot of wealth over the years, Mark Sparks uses some of his resources to help the needy and unfortunate individuals in the society. His philanthropic activities have significantly improved the communities living in Dallas and the environs. Learn more:


Mark Sparks is known for his accomplishments in the real estate world. Over the last decade, the businessman has constructed several shelters for the needy people living in Dallas. Sparks says that giving back to the community is always very rewarding, and he has never regretted it in the past. He also says that Dallas is part of him, and it is his responsibility to make sure that the communities living there are getting the best life possible. His great determination and strong believes have kept many people going.


Apart from his successful career as an entrepreneur, Mark Sparks is one of the most respected publishers in the world. Sparks has written several publications, and they have done quite well. His books seek to encourage people from different religions, races and origins to work hard and become better individuals in the society. One of his great publishing shows that anyone can make it in the tough world, regardless of their background, challenges and educational qualifications. In the publication, Sparks tells people his own success story. Learn more:


Not long ago, Mark Spark came up with a new program known as the Spark Tank Initiative. According to the program, upcoming people in business can send their applications to the panel for considerations. When Sparks and his team select them, the businessmen are given a chance to work with respectable and top marketing experts in the country. The Spark Tank Initiative has benefited very many individuals in the United States since the businessman established it. The program also offers business people the funds they need to accomplish their dreams.