The Steps to Vijay Eswaran’s Success as a Businessman

Fifty-six years old Vijay Eswaran is a renowned Malaysian businessman serving as the Executive Chairman of the QI Group, a company which he co-founded after returning to Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, QI Group started as a multilevel marketing company in 1998 and expanded to the multi-billion company that it is today with the presence in twenty countries. Forbes Asia ranked Vijay Eswaran position 25 among Malaysia’s 50 Richest in 2013.

Vijay’s Education Background and Early Career Life

Vijay went to the London School of Economics and Political Science and graduated with a degree in Socio-economic in 1984. After graduating, Vijay stayed in Europe for one year and did odd jobs such as plucking grapes in France, working at a construction site in Belgium, and driving a cab in London.

While in the UK, Vijay was introduced to the binary system marketing which impelled him to obtain a professional qualification for UK’s CIMA, and later joined the Southern Illinois University where he obtained an MBA in 1986. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

While pursuing his studies, Vijay worked for Synaptics and on a part-time basis was involved in multilevel marketing. When he returned to Malaysia, he began taking MLM more seriously, and that was the onset of his great achievements as a businessman.

Vijay’s Authorship and Speaker

Vijay Eswaran wears other hats other than being a businessman. He is also a speaker and an author. He has spoken in various business and management forums including the World Economic Forum.

In his first book ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ that was published in 2005, Vijay explains the philosophy of his personal life management and his habit of beginning every day with one hour of silence. He has three other books with the latest one, Two Minutes From the Abyss, being released in 2016.

Vijay Eswaran’s Philanthropic Activities

Vijay Eswaran founded the RHYTHM Foundation which is QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm. He also established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization named after his father. Vijay’s wife, Umayal ESWARAN is the Chairperson of this organization.

Vijay uses these foundations to initiate community program like mentorship. He also makes donations to charities and individuals. He received the New Global Indian award for business excellence and philanthropy in 2012.