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Citizen App Is All You Need To Get News Alerts As Your Safety Is Guaranteed

With the advancement in technology, everyone wants to get abreast with the happenings around them in real time and at the same time making safety a priority. Citizen App was started in 1916 as Vigilante, and re-branded and re-launched in 2017 in the New York City.

Since then, Citizen App has realized consistent growth in popularity, and currently has more than 234 thousand downloads and over 7 million users. Most users check the presence of the police and cater for their safety during protests and demonstrations in their towns. The users are discouraged from taking the law into their hands as the app does everything possible to discourage dangerous incidents involving their users.

Using the Citizen App is very easy, as the first step is to give the app an access to your location which allows it to send you alerts in real time irrespective of where you are. Citizen also asks for access to the contacts so it can send alerts and videos to family and associates. When you download the app, you’ll get a brief intro to its SafeTrace feature, a contact tracing system for COVID-19 that helps you know the time you may have been exposed to the virus. To get the alerts in real-time, tap the lightning bolt sign and hit Global at the upper part of your screen to open an arrow where you can select your location to access updates and videos.

You can then click on any update you want for more information as it may start auto-playing the video if any. If there’s no video, the app will take you straight to the map of the location where there’s an incident. You can switch between the video and the map very easily by tapping the symbols beneath the video. You can leave an emoji response or leave comments by touching the speech bubble, and tap the share button at the extreme bottom right and choose if you want to share through direct message in the Citizen App, WhatsApp, social media or by copying to the clipboard. Refer to this article for more information.


Learn more about Citizen App on https://www.businessinsider.com/citizen-app-pays-nyc-la-residents-jobs-livestream-crime-scenes-2021-7


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