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David Azzato Has Advice for UK Entrepreneurs


David Azzato is a UK based cryptocurrency experts and a well-known strategic advisor. He is a top analyst in European financial news based on the insight that he brings in.

The pandemic commencing led to many businesses in the UK facing numerous difficulties in their daily operations. David Azatto has given insight on measures to be taken by the entrepreneurs. It is because of the numerous measures that have been taken by the government, like having a national lockdown. The reduction of the effect of the pandemic virus has seen the lift of the virus. The government is planning on how to help the entrepreneurs regain their stability in the economy. It was agreed upon, seeing that plenty of the country’s entrepreneurs depend on passive income such as dividends.

To cater to all the nation’s entrepreneurs, what the government has done is to introduce reliable relief schemes to businesses. It will be of much help to all business ladders, including small, medium, and large scale. For businesses to access loans during this trying period, the government came up with a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

Another way the UK government has supported the business is by introducing a coronavirus job retention scheme. It ensures there are minimal redundancies, yet the employees are guaranteed to get their wages every month.

To qualify for the loan being given by the government, the business needs to be UK based. It is also necessary that there is proof the ongoing pandemic has dramatically hit the business. Notably, businesses have been differently hit by the coronavirus. Putting this into consideration, the government has formulated different types of loans that will cover each category. Among the introduced loans include;

• A term loan requires that the business person pay the amount given over an agreed period. Notably, the amount needs to be paid regularly.

• Asset finance- If an entrepreneur is looking to purchase new things for their business, this would be an ideal loan option to select.

A piece of advice from David Azzato is that the entrepreneurs should have an open mind to make significant strides.

The scheme adopted by the government is ideal for business; however, it does not cover individuals that depend on passive income. The lack of support for such entrepreneurs is problematic for the treasury to differentiate those dividends from active or passive investing. However, there is no need to worry much as the government has considered such entrepreneurs. It is by adopting the income support scheme.

It is a requirement by the government for a director to prove that the pandemic has decreased in demand for services offered. David Azzato hence advises entrepreneurs to come with creative strategies that will keep them in trading.

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