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Green Hydrogen to Mitigate Global Warming: ZeroAvia On Point

Truth be told, although many people are advocating for wind and solar energy to mitigate the effects of global warming, it must be understood that these forms of energy might not be efficient for all the industries. For instance, the aviation and the steelmaking industries require a lot of energy that can’t be adequately provided by these forms. The bitter truth is that steelmaking industries account for approximately 20% of carbon dioxide that comes from the ground industries (Techcrunch). 


Worse of it all is that the high-attitude flights emit carbon dioxide that’s about four times as harmful as that emitted from the ground. There are more and more energy-heavy industries that are harming our environment through global warming. Up to now you might be asking yourself, “what could be the solution to this?” The best solution to this is the “green” hydrogen which is an emission-free approach that is able to meet all the high-energy needs of industries like steelmaking, powering ships, cars, and aircrafts. The good news is that companies are now embracing this new strategy—with ZeroAvia leading the way. 


Why there is Great Need to Re-look On the Traditional Transportation and Aviation 

According to EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) transportation accounts for more than 30% of all the carbon emissions in the US. According to ZeroAvia experts, in the year 2016, transportation carbon dioxide emissions surpassed that of power generations. This shows how transportation is a heavy weight when it comes to global warming. And of course, aviation is a key sector in transportation accounting for approximately 12% of carbon dioxide emissions. 


Green Hydrogen is the Solution

Experts at ZeroAvia explain that from the above illustrations, it is clear that if we were to mitigate the global warming menace, we have to re-look at the traditional aviation and transportation sector that highly rely on fossil fuels. That is why ZeroAvia has decided to focus on green hydrogen, which burns clean while providing a lot of energy. And unlike other fuel sources that release harmful gases, green hydrogen emits water vapor. 

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