Looking at Peter Briger’s career within the financial industry

For the married father of four, Peter Briger has come a long way from where he began after completing university in 1987. He was at Princeton University, where he did his associate, Bachelor of Arts Degree. His first job was at Goldman Sachs. Here he would work for a total of fifteen years overseeing various investment funds within the organization and culminate in him being named partner in ’96. His growth at Goldman Sachs was in big part assisted by his ability to manage different portfolios and his keen interest on the Asian market at a time when it had become one of the best investment destinations in the world. He would oversee The Asian Management Committee which was tasked with making the major decisions on the Asian market for Goldman Sachs. This was in addition to the Global Control and Compliance Committee, which had a relatively broader mandate as it covered the other region too. At the time one of Goldman’s most important markets was Japan and to be able to keep up they established the Japan Executive Committee where Peter Briger was a member. These committees would only be part of his roles at the organization as he was also tasked with overseeing the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business division, which was in charge of the credit facilities offered to most businesses by the organization. The Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business and the Special Opportunities Fund for Asian would also be assigned to Peter Briger given his previous experiences at the various Committees. His overall leadership capabilities would be tested when he took on Co-Chairing the Asian Distressed Debt Business on of the most tasking roles at Goldman. In 2002 he was brought in by Fortress Investment group. The group was eager to establish a credit department, which would be responsible for overseeing the Groups vision of credit line growth. Today Peter Briger has managed to steer his department to become one of the best performing within the organization and is currently the Co-CEO of the group. His experience with debt and credit has been very key in the way the organization is currently led and going forward his knowledge on the subject can just grow.