Brian Torchin And His Achievements In The Medical Staffing Industry

Brian Torchin is the founder and president of HealthCare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC), a staffing agency in Philadelphia that focuses on providing consultancy and placement services to medical professionals. Before establishing HCRC, Brian was a licensed medical practitioner where he focused on chiropractic medicine. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

The difficulties he experienced in finding adequate work and hiring qualified employees gave him an insight into the staffing challenges faced by the health industry. He founded HCRC with the aim of helping both health professionals and healthcare providers find the right matches for their needs.

HCRC staffing and consultancy services

Founded in March 2004, the HCRC Staffing Agency prides itself as the leader in personalized job search services to meet the needs of healthcare providers. The agency was created in response to the changes and evolving requirements in health systems, clinics, and private practices where employers were increasingly finding it difficult to find qualified professionals. Today, many practices, hospitals, and clinics turn to HCRC for their staffing needs.

Besides offering job placement services, HCRC also provides consultation services to the medical profession. There is a high employee turn-over rate in the medical industry as health professionals pursue their favorite specialties. However, these may not materialize for years, and, as a result, many doctors and nurses end up getting burnt out in the process. The HCRC under the leadership of Brian Torchin offers consultation and resume examination services to such practitioners so that they can find their field of preference in the right way.

Brian’s achievements in medical staffing

When he founded the HCRC, Brian had a mission of assisting every doctor, nurse, and medical technician who was having a hard time finding a job received placement. Throughout his career in HCRC, Brian Torchin has facilitated the placement of many medical practitioners in chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical jobs. He has expanded the agency’s operations to Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia and has additional offices in Delaware and Florida.

Even with his busy schedule, Brian Torchin consistently publishes healthcare-related articles on his firm’s blog. He provides useful information to clients on topics such as hiring a nurse or physician assistant, online marketing, interview tips, and how to hire qualified employees in your practice.

Rick Smith Continues to Strengthen Securus Technologies Presence as a Leader of Inmate Communication Solutions

Rick Smith serves as the chairman and CEO Securus Technologies, a top provider of inmate communication solutions to U.S correctional facilities. The technology firm is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus works closely with correctional agencies, law enforcers, public safety and inmates across North America. The firm has developed innovate solutions, which include inmate calling options and video visitation that enable inmates to get in touch with family and friends. This is in helping inmates maintain a solid relationship with their loved ones.

Securus was formed from the merger between two inmate communication firms, T-Netix and Evercom. In 2007, the company also acquired Syscon Justice Systems, a leader in Offender Management Systems. Rick Smith joined Securus in 2008 when the firm was in dire need of new leadership after acquiring new business to make it one of the largest firms in the correctional industry. While announcing his appointment, Falcone, the company’s Chairman, said that Mr. Smith possessed perfect skills and experience that would help Securus compete favorably with its rivals in the correctional market.

Rick boasts a rich experience in the telecom industry. Prior to joining Securus, he worked as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. for over nine years. During his leadership, the firm was able to grow its revenues exponentially. Rick managed to push the company’s revenue from $30 million to over $350 million. Moreover, Mr. Smith led Eschelon into issuing Initial Public Offering in 2005. He joined Eschelon as the chief financial officer. The position gave him an opportunity to showcase his leadership skills. After serving in this position for a year, he was promoted to become the chief operation officer. After one year, he was appointed the president of the company. Rick later became the firm’s CEO, a position he served until 2007 after which he departed to assume his current role at Securus Technologies. Follow Rick at

Rick Smith launched his career in Global Crossing where he held several positions that were instrumental in equipping him with the telecom experience he need to succeed in his career. Among the positions he served include controller, Chief Information Officer, Director of New Plants Operations, President of IT and vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations. He also served as business development director and vice president of financial management.

Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York. He also graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Mr. Smith is committed to strengthening the position of Securus as a leader in offering innovative communication solution to correctional facilities. He is very hopeful that the infrastructural investment the company has made will reap immense benefits in the future. Read more on

Hussain Sajwani To Continue Working With The Trumps

After winning the presidential elections, Donald Trump announced that he would not engage in business to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. However, Hussain Sajwani, Trump’s real estate business partner, indicated that he was ready to do more business deals with the new President’s real estate firm, the Trump Organization. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Newksira

The two real estate moguls celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties partnered with Donald Trump in the development of Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, where luxury villas have generated close to $2 billion in sales. Talking to NBC News, Hussain Sajwani said that his relationship with the Trumps goes beyond business.

In his New Year’s Eve speech, Trump praised Hussain Sajwani family. The DAMAC owner explained to NBC News that he has interacted with the three children of Donald Trump. He added that his wife has a close relationship with Ivanka, Trump’s eldest daughter. He is hopeful that with the leadership of the three children, they will be able to expand and grow their business ties.

Ethics experts have raised concerns about intersecting interests in sensitive regions like the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani brushed off these concerns saying that he does not have political ties with President Trump. He posited that Trump’s victory in the election was an added advantage since it would strengthen their brand. Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks asserted that Trump was working on the immediate transfer of management of the Trump Organization.

Hussain Sajwani is a veteran investor and entrepreneur, who is the founder and chairman of a renowned real estate development company, DAMAC Properties. His real estate journey began in the mid-90s, during the introduction of property market expansion in Dubai.

He used this opportunity to establish hotels that hosted the increasing population as many people were moving to Dubai to trade. Riding on the success of this project, Hussain Sajwani managed to develop other properties in the UAE. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

Over the years, he has provided visionary leadership that has helped DAMAC Properties to become one of the largest real estate development companies in the Middle East. Presently, DAMAC Properties has over 2000 employees and its shares are traded on the revered Dubai Financial Market.


How Entrepreneur Mike Baur Helps Other Entrepreneurs Launch Their Companies

As a veteran of the Swiss private banking industry, Mike Baur has extensive experience has an entrepreneur and businessman. His banking career lasted for 20 years and included such Swiss banking giants as UBS and Clariden Leu. Eventually, he decided to quit the banking industry in order to follow his passion for helping startups achieve success. In 2014, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory along with two business partners, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.

At the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur helps entrepreneurs like himself achieve success. The company operates a three-month long accelerator program which is designed to help them through those first crucial steps of developing a product or service and releasing it to consumers. The program Mike Baur and the other co-founders created provides a collaborative office working environment, coaching, research and development, and other business services.

When the Swiss Startup Factory itself was a startup, Mike Baur was instrumental in leading the company through its own business accelerator program at Goldback Group. He also was the key person at Swiss Startup Factory that created a partnership with Fintech Fusion which operates a 12-month accelerator program. Mike Baur helps the clients of his company develop pitches for venture capitalists. As he worked in the private banking industry for 20 years, he has a connection with a huge number of venture capitalists that his clients can draw on to receive the capital they need to launch their businesses.

The Swiss Startup Factory operates a Founder Stories page which has videos of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, including Mike Baur. In his Founder Story, he talks about how to create a business from scratch. He says that what most young entrepreneurs don’t realize is that it is a lot of heavy work, much more than they are expecting. He says that the only way to succeed is to roll your sleeves up, dive in, and make starting the company your life’s passion.

The area that Swiss Startup Factory focuses on is entrepreneurs in the digital space. Among the startups that Mike Baur and his team have helped launch is Struckd which created an innovative app that lets people create their own video games using a simple drag and drop interface. Another one is Carhelper which wants to revolutionize the used car market by bringing it fully into the digital age. Mike Baur also helped Diabirds which provides people with Diabetes a way to monitor their conditions using online tools.

The Steps to Vijay Eswaran’s Success as a Businessman

Fifty-six years old Vijay Eswaran is a renowned Malaysian businessman serving as the Executive Chairman of the QI Group, a company which he co-founded after returning to Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, QI Group started as a multilevel marketing company in 1998 and expanded to the multi-billion company that it is today with the presence in twenty countries. Forbes Asia ranked Vijay Eswaran position 25 among Malaysia’s 50 Richest in 2013.

Vijay’s Education Background and Early Career Life

Vijay went to the London School of Economics and Political Science and graduated with a degree in Socio-economic in 1984. After graduating, Vijay stayed in Europe for one year and did odd jobs such as plucking grapes in France, working at a construction site in Belgium, and driving a cab in London.

While in the UK, Vijay was introduced to the binary system marketing which impelled him to obtain a professional qualification for UK’s CIMA, and later joined the Southern Illinois University where he obtained an MBA in 1986. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

While pursuing his studies, Vijay worked for Synaptics and on a part-time basis was involved in multilevel marketing. When he returned to Malaysia, he began taking MLM more seriously, and that was the onset of his great achievements as a businessman.

Vijay’s Authorship and Speaker

Vijay Eswaran wears other hats other than being a businessman. He is also a speaker and an author. He has spoken in various business and management forums including the World Economic Forum.

In his first book ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ that was published in 2005, Vijay explains the philosophy of his personal life management and his habit of beginning every day with one hour of silence. He has three other books with the latest one, Two Minutes From the Abyss, being released in 2016.

Vijay Eswaran’s Philanthropic Activities

Vijay Eswaran founded the RHYTHM Foundation which is QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm. He also established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable organization named after his father. Vijay’s wife, Umayal ESWARAN is the Chairperson of this organization.

Vijay uses these foundations to initiate community program like mentorship. He also makes donations to charities and individuals. He received the New Global Indian award for business excellence and philanthropy in 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto’s Excellence Work at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health specializes in providing quality medical care. It relies on its many qualified professionals to further grow the company and bring about self-stability. Much of that success is due to teamwork. Every member of InnovaCare encourages open communication, good working relationships, and a shared clear vision.

Those are the ingredients that create an environment that breeds success. The company also relies heavily on complete transparency. Since they work so closely with their patients, the company feels almost obligated to be completely open with their patients. There’s even a fear that without transparency, the company would not thrive as it does.

InnovaCare Health has two affiliates in Puerto Rico. One is MMM Healthcare Inc. and the other is PMC Medicare Choice Inc. Both offer high-quality medical programs that promote physical and emotional health. Both have a customer satisfaction rate of a consistent 90 percent.

Both affiliates have and are continuing to see immense success as time goes on. In 2011, both received the NCQA accreditation. Healthcare providers are only awarded this accreditation when companies create a health care plan that meets and exceeds the standard expectation of quality assurance. Both have also continued improving upon these plans, which is another notable indication that they deserved the NCQA accreditation.

The leader of the InnovaCare affiliates in Puerto Rico is Dr. Rick Shinto. He is currently President and CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans. He has over 20 years of experience in the managed care industry involving clinical and operational healthcare. His particular kind of leadership is exactly what enables InnovaCare to succeed the way it does.

Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

Before working at InnovaCare, he served as President and CEO of Aveta Inc. While at Aveta, he was given the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He was given the award because of his commitment to excellence. He is also a published author who has written several articles on clinical medicine. He has an MBA from the University of Redlands, a BS from the University of California, and his medical degree was earned at the State University of New York.

Because of Dr. Shinto and InnovaCare’s services, trips to the doctor’s office are much more affordable for the average individual. More than 70 of Puerto Ricans have chosen InnovaCare over other insurance companies because they can get affordable and good-quality care. Read more about Innovacare at

George Soros Has Survived Hardships To Become A Successful Billionaire

A massive amount of citizens on the planet are under the sincere belief that the newly chosen President, Donald Trump is an illegitimate President and a tyrannical dictator. One of the more famous people who is under this rightful mindset, is George Soros. George is fully familiar with people who have taken their opportunity to grab political positions, with a complete lack of supporting the public and instead desiring only to abuse their power.

Mr. Soros knows of such people because he immigrated from the Nazi occupation of Hungary. George is a Holocaust survivor and understands how truly evil people can take over a country and inflict their dangerous desires over the people. Learn more about George at

George and countless other citizens who have personally spent time with Mr. Trump, are deeply aware that Trump could not have cared less if he lost the Presidency. Trump was solely trying to establish a power base for his properties to be advertised. Now that the man has actually seized the power of the Presidency, the people are afraid of the extreme amounts of damage that he might seek to inflict upon the nation. This belief is stemming from the fact that Trump acts without ever thinking of the damages he might cause.

George Soros has an extremely powerful history of being a very generously giving man. Soros has provided untold billions, to prop up industries that were failing, as well as generously giving to people in desperate need. George makes a sincere effort, to devote his funds to helping citizens who are working hard to rid the country of injustice, promoting the concept of social equality among the populace and to secure civil liberties that are being down trodden upon. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George’s personal history is largely the foundation for his extremely strong commitment to using his money to help individuals fight injustice. 14 year old George bared witness to the Nazis coming to invade his homeland of Hungary. George managed to escape the war, moving to London to acquire an education in 1947. George enrolled into the London School of Economics. There, he applied his studies to understanding the concepts offered by Karl Popper, to understand the theory of living in an open society. This philosophical ideation fueled his desire to give as much money as he could to a large diversity of charities. George moved to America in 1963. He created the Soros Fund Management project, which was later changed to be known more commonly as Quantum Fund. Through his company George came into a great amount of wealth, funding his powerful ambition. He began to exchange international securities back in the 1990s, earning him a staggering 1 billion US dollars.

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How Betsy Devos’ Work History Has Made Her a Superior Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos, the matriarch of the wealthy Devos family and the current United States Secretary of Education, has received a copious amount of press coverage regarding her recent nomination to the presidential cabinet following the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump nominated Betsy Devos for the Secretary of Education position shortly after his own nomination and caused an utter whirlwind of media attention to become focused specifically on Mrs. Devos, her public history, and her qualifications for the highest education position in the land. Although several liberal media outlets have waged a virtual war with Betsy Devos regarding her stated views on public education and federal policy, Devos has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the progression and systematic improvement of the American public education institution through her philanthropic efforts and long career of sacrificial public service.

Early Life In Public Service

Betsy Devos began her political career as a supporter of the Republican Party and public school education reform programs. The wealthy Devos family contributed large amounts of both personal and business funds toward the development of school choice options for needy and low-income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. After becoming the chair of the Devos foundation for school choice in Michigan, Betsy Devos decided to become a more integral part of the school choice movement by participating in her husband’s gubernatorial race. Though Dick Devos lost the race, Betsy Devos continued to donate generously to school reform initiatives and quickly became the leader of the official school choice campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

History With Michigan Public School System

After becoming the head of the school choice campaign in her home state, Betsy Devos began to become heavily involved in the efforts to reform the Michigan Public School System. Devos contributed a massive amount of time, money, and effort to the development of viable options for low-income families who were usually presented with a single option of enrolling their children in a failing public school. Devos worked consistently with the Michigan Public School System through her role with the Michigan republican party and eventually helped to pass a school choice voucher program in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Future With The United States Federal Government

Through her extensive work with Michigan politicians in an effort to advance the opportunities of low-income students, Betsy Devos has proved her dedication to the adequate reformation of the American public school system as a whole. Although liberal politician often speak of reforming federal mandates on the public school system, their efforts often do little more than uphold the failure that has existed within the public school system for decades. Betsy Devos is not a politician, but a philanthropist who has given her life to the goal of creating a better educational system for all American students.

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Jason Hope Talks About How The Internet Of Things Will Transform Lives

Jason Hope, the Arizona entrepreneur famous for starting tech giant Jawa, among other things, has recently began writing extensively about the direction upcoming technology will take, particularly the much vaunted Internet of Things.

Hope says that this technology, more than any other that has come along sense the internal combustion engine, has the potential to visibly transform people’s daily lives in ways far greater than the advent of the personal computer or mobile devices like the iPhone.

Jason Hope believes that the coming integration of all things into a gigantic global network will touch nearly every aspect of people’s lives.

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The Internet of Things: coming to a grocery store near you

Hope believes that one of the first areas that will be affected of Internet of Things is the process of shopping and delivery. People may not realize it, but many of these changes have already been taking place behind the scenes. Companies like Amazon, with its main fulfillment center in Seattle, have already been deploying extensive robotics on the floors of their warehouses. In fact, Amazon’s technology is fully capable of being implemented in grocery stores across the country today, both for stocking shelves and fulfilling orders. The reason it has not yet been widely adopted is simply that the costs don’t match the scale of those operations. With billions of dollars worth of orders per month, Amazon can afford million dollar equipment. But Jason Hope says, don’t get complacent. These things always drop exponentially in price. Within a few years, robotics will be seen at local grocery stores across the country.

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Squaw Valley Releases Official Statement Regarding Water Contamination

Squaw Valley has released a detailed statement in response to the the news that coliform bacteria and E.coli were found in the drinking water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.


The water has been consistently treated since the issue was initially reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Three of the four wells that service the upper mountain have low levels of coliform and no E.coli according to Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


Upper mountain restaurants will remain closed until the water issue is resolved, and skiers are not permitted to drink the water at this time. Currently, no health issues are reported, and top to bottom skiing is still allowed.


Liesl Kenney, the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows issued this statement regarding the water safety situation:


In October, a very heavy rain storm affected several of the Placer County water systems. The weather lead to the inundation of a water system at Squaw Valley. The system had been upgraded during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. The rainfall caused the water system to be contaminated. No other water systems were affected, and the contaminated water was never available to the public.


As soon as the issue was detected, Placer County Environment Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted. Other water safety experts were also contacted. As a result, necessary steps have been taken to address the safety of the water. However, Squaw Valley will not return to regular water usage until it is definite that the water is safe.


Consumer safety is of the utmost importance to Squaw Valley and the issue has been taken very seriously. Squaw Valley will update guests when expert confirm that the water issue has been resolved.