Dr. Rick Shinto’s Excellence Work at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health specializes in providing quality medical care. It relies on its many qualified professionals to further grow the company and bring about self-stability. Much of that success is due to teamwork. Every member of InnovaCare encourages open communication, good working relationships, and a shared clear vision.

Those are the ingredients that create an environment that breeds success. The company also relies heavily on complete transparency. Since they work so closely with their patients, the company feels almost obligated to be completely open with their patients. There’s even a fear that without transparency, the company would not thrive as it does.

InnovaCare Health has two affiliates in Puerto Rico. One is MMM Healthcare Inc. and the other is PMC Medicare Choice Inc. Both offer high-quality medical programs that promote physical and emotional health. Both have a customer satisfaction rate of a consistent 90 percent.

Both affiliates have and are continuing to see immense success as time goes on. In 2011, both received the NCQA accreditation. Healthcare providers are only awarded this accreditation when companies create a health care plan that meets and exceeds the standard expectation of quality assurance. Both have also continued improving upon these plans, which is another notable indication that they deserved the NCQA accreditation.

The leader of the InnovaCare affiliates in Puerto Rico is Dr. Rick Shinto. He is currently President and CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans. He has over 20 years of experience in the managed care industry involving clinical and operational healthcare. His particular kind of leadership is exactly what enables InnovaCare to succeed the way it does.

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Before working at InnovaCare, he served as President and CEO of Aveta Inc. While at Aveta, he was given the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He was given the award because of his commitment to excellence. He is also a published author who has written several articles on clinical medicine. He has an MBA from the University of Redlands, a BS from the University of California, and his medical degree was earned at the State University of New York.

Because of Dr. Shinto and InnovaCare’s services, trips to the doctor’s office are much more affordable for the average individual. More than 70 of Puerto Ricans have chosen InnovaCare over other insurance companies because they can get affordable and good-quality care. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase.com

George Soros Has Survived Hardships To Become A Successful Billionaire

A massive amount of citizens on the planet are under the sincere belief that the newly chosen President, Donald Trump is an illegitimate President and a tyrannical dictator. One of the more famous people who is under this rightful mindset, is George Soros. George is fully familiar with people who have taken their opportunity to grab political positions, with a complete lack of supporting the public and instead desiring only to abuse their power.

Mr. Soros knows of such people because he immigrated from the Nazi occupation of Hungary. George is a Holocaust survivor and understands how truly evil people can take over a country and inflict their dangerous desires over the people. Learn more about George at Biography.com.

George and countless other citizens who have personally spent time with Mr. Trump, are deeply aware that Trump could not have cared less if he lost the Presidency. Trump was solely trying to establish a power base for his properties to be advertised. Now that the man has actually seized the power of the Presidency, the people are afraid of the extreme amounts of damage that he might seek to inflict upon the nation. This belief is stemming from the fact that Trump acts without ever thinking of the damages he might cause.

George Soros has an extremely powerful history of being a very generously giving man. Soros has provided untold billions, to prop up industries that were failing, as well as generously giving to people in desperate need. George makes a sincere effort, to devote his funds to helping citizens who are working hard to rid the country of injustice, promoting the concept of social equality among the populace and to secure civil liberties that are being down trodden upon. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George’s personal history is largely the foundation for his extremely strong commitment to using his money to help individuals fight injustice. 14 year old George bared witness to the Nazis coming to invade his homeland of Hungary. George managed to escape the war, moving to London to acquire an education in 1947. George enrolled into the London School of Economics. There, he applied his studies to understanding the concepts offered by Karl Popper, to understand the theory of living in an open society. This philosophical ideation fueled his desire to give as much money as he could to a large diversity of charities. George moved to America in 1963. He created the Soros Fund Management project, which was later changed to be known more commonly as Quantum Fund. Through his company George came into a great amount of wealth, funding his powerful ambition. He began to exchange international securities back in the 1990s, earning him a staggering 1 billion US dollars.

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How Betsy Devos’ Work History Has Made Her a Superior Secretary of Education

Betsy Devos, the matriarch of the wealthy Devos family and the current United States Secretary of Education, has received a copious amount of press coverage regarding her recent nomination to the presidential cabinet following the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump nominated Betsy Devos for the Secretary of Education position shortly after his own nomination and caused an utter whirlwind of media attention to become focused specifically on Mrs. Devos, her public history, and her qualifications for the highest education position in the land. Although several liberal media outlets have waged a virtual war with Betsy Devos regarding her stated views on public education and federal policy, Devos has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the progression and systematic improvement of the American public education institution through her philanthropic efforts and long career of sacrificial public service.

Early Life In Public Service

Betsy Devos began her political career as a supporter of the Republican Party and public school education reform programs. The wealthy Devos family contributed large amounts of both personal and business funds toward the development of school choice options for needy and low-income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. After becoming the chair of the Devos foundation for school choice in Michigan, Betsy Devos decided to become a more integral part of the school choice movement by participating in her husband’s gubernatorial race. Though Dick Devos lost the race, Betsy Devos continued to donate generously to school reform initiatives and quickly became the leader of the official school choice campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

History With Michigan Public School System

After becoming the head of the school choice campaign in her home state, Betsy Devos began to become heavily involved in the efforts to reform the Michigan Public School System. Devos contributed a massive amount of time, money, and effort to the development of viable options for low-income families who were usually presented with a single option of enrolling their children in a failing public school. Devos worked consistently with the Michigan Public School System through her role with the Michigan republican party and eventually helped to pass a school choice voucher program in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Future With The United States Federal Government

Through her extensive work with Michigan politicians in an effort to advance the opportunities of low-income students, Betsy Devos has proved her dedication to the adequate reformation of the American public school system as a whole. Although liberal politician often speak of reforming federal mandates on the public school system, their efforts often do little more than uphold the failure that has existed within the public school system for decades. Betsy Devos is not a politician, but a philanthropist who has given her life to the goal of creating a better educational system for all American students.

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Jason Hope Talks About How The Internet Of Things Will Transform Lives

Jason Hope, the Arizona entrepreneur famous for starting tech giant Jawa, among other things, has recently began writing extensively about the direction upcoming technology will take, particularly the much vaunted Internet of Things.

Hope says that this technology, more than any other that has come along sense the internal combustion engine, has the potential to visibly transform people’s daily lives in ways far greater than the advent of the personal computer or mobile devices like the iPhone.

Jason Hope believes that the coming integration of all things into a gigantic global network will touch nearly every aspect of people’s lives.

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The Internet of Things: coming to a grocery store near you

Hope believes that one of the first areas that will be affected of Internet of Things is the process of shopping and delivery. People may not realize it, but many of these changes have already been taking place behind the scenes. Companies like Amazon, with its main fulfillment center in Seattle, have already been deploying extensive robotics on the floors of their warehouses. In fact, Amazon’s technology is fully capable of being implemented in grocery stores across the country today, both for stocking shelves and fulfilling orders. The reason it has not yet been widely adopted is simply that the costs don’t match the scale of those operations. With billions of dollars worth of orders per month, Amazon can afford million dollar equipment. But Jason Hope says, don’t get complacent. These things always drop exponentially in price. Within a few years, robotics will be seen at local grocery stores across the country.

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Squaw Valley Releases Official Statement Regarding Water Contamination

Squaw Valley has released a detailed statement in response to the the news that coliform bacteria and E.coli were found in the drinking water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.


The water has been consistently treated since the issue was initially reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Three of the four wells that service the upper mountain have low levels of coliform and no E.coli according to Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


Upper mountain restaurants will remain closed until the water issue is resolved, and skiers are not permitted to drink the water at this time. Currently, no health issues are reported, and top to bottom skiing is still allowed.


Liesl Kenney, the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows issued this statement regarding the water safety situation:


In October, a very heavy rain storm affected several of the Placer County water systems. The weather lead to the inundation of a water system at Squaw Valley. The system had been upgraded during the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp. The rainfall caused the water system to be contaminated. No other water systems were affected, and the contaminated water was never available to the public.


As soon as the issue was detected, Placer County Environment Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted. Other water safety experts were also contacted. As a result, necessary steps have been taken to address the safety of the water. However, Squaw Valley will not return to regular water usage until it is definite that the water is safe.


Consumer safety is of the utmost importance to Squaw Valley and the issue has been taken very seriously. Squaw Valley will update guests when expert confirm that the water issue has been resolved.



Fabletics Fiercely Challenges Amazon: Reverse Showrooming

Cyber sportswear designer, Fabletics, isn’t slowing down. Since it emerged in 2013, it’s steadily flourished, reporting an average growth rate of 35 percent yearly. Today, it’s competing against ivy league e-commerce fashion retailers like Amazon. With Amazon already controlling 20 percent market share, younger brands face tough challenges. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, a Techstyle brand, brings a game-changing marketing model that’s imprinted on consumers. Although Fabletics’ strategy isn’t relatively new, it’s been optimized uniquely. Many online retailers have coined and executed similar strategies that fail or lose relevance over time. So, naturally, the Fabletics family approached the market differently. In just three years, it’s generated $250 million. For an e-commerce model that didn’t launch any physical locations until last year, it’s an impressive feat.


What sets this designer apart from competitors selling trendy brand name articles is the overall experience. Interestingly, they’ve taken their role to a whole new level, especially when helping consumers decide on fashion that they’re fond of. Through membership, they’re harvesting real-time data that conveys an intimate consumer experience. It manipulates data science in the interest of curating fashion recommendations inspired by member interests. It’s gone about showrooming quite differently. In fact, it uses a reverse technique that guarantees sales conversion no matter where a consumer decides to shop. When potential consumers browse Fabletics fashion at any local franchise, all styles they’ve tried are added to their virtual shopping cart as well. With a primary focus on building relationships, an estimated 25 percent of browsers that visit Fabletics locations subscribe and another 30-50 percent are already registered.


In retail marketing, brand reputation suffers when data science isn’t employed properly. Fabletics put data science to work strategically. With awareness of actual sales activity, social media feedback, local market trends and retail store heat-mapping, they’re curating and personalizing content to increase satisfaction. Fabletics SVP of operations, Dustin Netral explained how the brand manipulates shopper preference statistics and global style trends to drive instant gratification. In a similar vein, it’s managed to keep the consumer journey adventurous. There’s never a bland moment, with them routinely updating styles inspired by consumer interests and market behavior. As Fabletics ventures new avenues, it’s continually investing in preference discovery to better elevate the consumer experience. Of course, it relies on mixed data and trends to chart these journeys. While doing all this, it’s thriving and evolving, taking on new challenges.


Typically, Fabletics uses a subscription-based model that optimizes shopper experience through preference discovery and experimentation. Quality workout clothes cost a decent investment these days. Fabletics have found a way to bundle everything and keep shopping trips affordable without sacrificing quality or the brand journey. Subscriptions typically cost $49 to $59 monthly for 2-3 pieces of clothing. Its VIP membership affords bigger savings on fitness apparel and style bundles as low as $25 for newly registered subscribers. If a subscriber decides to skip a month, they’re charged nothing.


Fabletics are pretty consistent with fashion recommendations every month, although subscribers have the final decision. Its designer leggings measure up to the likes of niche brands Lululemon Underwunders. They’re yoga instructor-approved, durable, shape defining and compress compliant. While sizes run smaller, especially for chic cut-out tops without native shelf bra bonded, Fabletics designs are absolutely breathtaking, comfortable and lasting. The brand fashions stylish, memorable designs, appropriating playful bold patterns, sheer fabrics, mesh and cut-out styles. Its vast inventory also catalogs simpler styles, which are mostly solid colors adorning sporty bottoms and tops. Styles go pretty quickly at Fabletics. With online shopping and customer service, it gets easier, although sizing, stock availability, shipping, etc. can be a challenging encounter. Nonetheless, Fabletics offering isn’t rivaled elsewhere.

The Fascination with Kabbalah

Spirituality and a sense of belonging go hand in hand. People long to feel included. They desire to feel like they matter in this world. When those feelings are innate, those individuals seek something to engage with. One of the biggest things people use to find peace and belonging is religion. Religion is a construct that can make or break your spiritual being. In many cases, religion can be the source of light that a person needs to survive. It can also be a great source of feeling that your life is where it needs to be. There are many religious and spiritual sources put there but the one that many are seeking currently is Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism that has taken the Hollywood scene by storm. Many celebrities have a taken a fancy to this spiritual component and many are questioning it.

Most recently, the singer Madonna has been the one to bring Kabbalah to the world’s stage. She has been seen at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and she also has been wearing the red strings bracelets that they give to their students. While Madonna has made Kabbalah famous again, she is not the first celebrity to be fascinated with this Jewish mysticism. Legendary actors such as Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr., and Elizabeth Taylor all have been known to take an interest in Kabbalah and practice it in one way or another. There are several other celebrities that have said they enjoy the teachings of Kabbalah.

Other celebrities like Sandra Bernard and Paris Hilton have been seen at the Kabbalah Centre. They say that when their lives seem to go off kilter, they look to Kabbalah for guidance. Kabbalah ‘ s teachings are said to give students the practical tools to provide lasting fulfillment and joy in their lives.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is a very popular institution among the Hollywood elite. The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg and his wife. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles conducts classes within their facility and online, on their website.

The Kabbalah Centre has a host of international students that come from everywhere in the world. The center’s teachers are also diverse, coming from a range of countries and backgrounds.


Jose Borghi And Mullen Lowe Are Good For Online Advertising

One of the best forms of advertising for businesses is online advertising. One of the reasons that online advertising is so effective is that the internet is such a widely used and vast medium. For one thing, the internet could be accessed across many different devices. Therefore, it is a lot easier to reach a ton of people online than it is with television. As a matter of fact, the internet has advanced video capabilities which allow people to watch shows in high definition sound and with fluid motion. A lot of people just stream shows from the internet to their television.

Given that the internet has a lot of the same capabilities as television, Jose Borghi can do videos for the internet. At the same time, Jose’s company, Mullen Lowe, can come up with different texts and images so that they can put together an ad campaign that they can distribute to different websites. Often times, the best course of action is to come up with an image that sums up a video campaign. Jose Borghi is good at coming up with a lot of banner images that will compel users to click and visit the site of the company.

The best approach that Jose Borghi is good about when it comes to advertising is by using ads and having them appear on search engines. This is one of the easiest ways to get conversions. The video ads can be released on social media. These ads could be viewed on a computer, television, tablet, or even a smartphone. Either way, Jose Borghi and Mullen Lowe Brasil show awareness of the many different tools that are available for advertisers to use in order to get their message across for companies. As advertising channels are used, business experience greater climbs in profits.

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The Disagreement of the President of the United States’ Wikipedia Information

Donald Trump is the current U.S President, and he was sworn in on January 20th, 2017. He became the 45th President on that day at 12:00 PM and everything that belonged to that office was supposed to be handed over to him. There was a little contradiction on the information that was posted on Wikipedia. The website is an online encyclopedia, and the material that is posted there is sourced from the public. Various people can, therefore, edit Wikipedia pages. It was not clear on how the information was to be changed on the inauguration day, and therefore, the page kept changing from back and forth from naming Trump to Obama as the current president of the United States.

According to some people, the presidency of Barack Obama was supposed to end on 19th January and Donald Trump was supposed to take over from the next day. When the date of the inauguration came, some people argued that Obama was still the president of the country till 12 noon when Trump was officially sworn in. The different judgments made the page to be edited about eight times before noon since according to some people Trump has become president while others taught that Obama was still president. The Wikipedia account of the U.S president is open for editing to only a few individuals. The account was finally changed on January 20th, 12:01 PM and it lists Donald Trump as the current president of the nation.

Wikipedia is a highly trusted website that is used by people to seek for the latest information about anything. It is, therefore, an ideal platform that can be utilized by individuals and businesses that would like to have a dependable online presence. Having a page on Wikipedia increases the credibility of a company and its online traffic. Setting up a proper Wikipedia page is not an easy task since the administrators only allow a particular type of information to be posted there. A company cannot post an advertisement on the page. It is necessary for individuals and organizations to hire professional to do the jobs for them to avoid closure of accounts and being flagged.

The best place to accesses professional Wikipedia editors is on Get Your Wiki. The expertise that Get Your Wiki displays is outstanding since the writers can convey the correct information about a company, individual, or an organization. The only thing that they require is a summary of the information that is to be posted on the page.