Profile of Entrepreneur Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who works out of London, England. He is best known as the founder and chief executive officer of K4 Global. His firm specializes in marketing services for small businesses and large corporations. Along with being the founder of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford is the Butterfly Foundation which focuses on providing support for children who suffer from a condition known as epidermolysis bullosa. While growing up, Joseph dealt with a difficult childhood and later lost a lot of family members at an early age. Despite the difficulties in his personal life, Joseph Ashford believes that these losses helped improve his character. At the beginning of his career, he worked in a variety of industries which allowed him to get valuable experience in finance. While working in the financial sector, he was able to learn valuable investment strategies. Today, he focuses on providing businesses with the assistance they need in order to grow. At the same time, Joseph travels around the world and speaks at marketing conferences.


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In 2014, Joseph Ashford founded K4 Global. As soon as he founded the firm, Ashford concentrated his efforts on helping businesses in many different industries including service, technology, real estate and media. His firm recognizes anyone who has both passion and determination and looks to work with them to reach its goals. According to Joseph, having close collaboration with multiple people is essential to maximizing investment returns and helping the company succeed. On a daily basis, his firm serves businesses by completing research in order to better understand the needs of a client and devising a strategy that will help them reach their investment and business goals. Today, most of the services provided by K4 include property management of the commercial real estate and serving the music sectors through its media department.

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