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The amazing impact of Laura McQuade

When it comes to a woman who made a true, real, and amazing impact on New York, it would have to be the wonderful Laura McQuade. Laura McQuade has done tremendous work when it comes to sexual and reproductive health care work. She is an amazing human being who has assisted planned parenthood in a wide variety of ways and she has done tremendous work in making job creation a true reality, and she has helped in making sure that there are real quality solutions when it comes to planned parenthood, and making an impact for New York, that is truly one of a kind and dynamic by nature.

All in all Laura McQuade is a wonderful example of what it means to give it her all and be a powerful and influential woman, when it comes to individuals health, hope, and happiness in the world of planned parenthood through job creation, real quality solutions, and many other efforts that make a real difference. Laura McQuade is a true hero for those in need, and for New York, because she cares so much about those in need, and she is smart, dynamic, business savvy, and truly amazing as a whole.

Learn more about Laura: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/laura-mcquade

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