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Tim Murawski Is A Great Innovator

At Augmedics, Tim Murawski and his incredible team take pride in developing Xvision. The primary goal of Xvision is to drastically transform how surgery is done. Doesn’t this sound really great? Check out how Tim Murawski has significantly revolutionized the healthcare industry. 


What You Should Know About Tim Murawski


Tim Murawski prides himself in excelling as a senior-level executive. During his incredible career, this prominent businessman has done great work on the Mazor Robot. Are you impressed yet? Over the past two decades, he has successfully managed many different businesses in the healthcare field. One of these such companies is Hansen Medical Inc. Did you know that Tim Murawski has even held a position at Baxter Healthcare?  He is proud to be a graduate of Western Illinois University. 


Would You Use An Innovative System To Perform Surgeries? 


Tim Murawski is 100% devoted to the medical field. If you are a practicing surgeon, wouldn’t you like to use a top notch surgical navigation system? Many surgeons would answer this question with an enthusiastic “yes.” After all, an innovative surgical navigation system can help you perform safer surgeries. Isn’t this what every exceptional surgeon wants?


Important Information About Xvision 


The great thing about XVision is that almost any surgeon can use it. Often referred to as a personalized headset, Tim Murawski has explained that this incredible system can fit a wide variety of users. Doesn’t this sound absolutely great?  For more information about Xvision, why not check out the video on the company’s website? You’ll learn exactly how to use this groundbreaking system. The system will definitely give you optimal surgeon control. 

More on Tim Murawski and Augmedics healthcare company https://www.crunchbase.com/person/tim-murawski

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