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Don Manifold’s Achievements

Don Manifold was born in South Australia and started his professional in Adelaide. Manifold graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Flinders University and later went to Australian School, where he got his MBA. Manifold began his career in Adelaide and has worked in London, Melbourne, and Sydney. He held a leadership position in Deloitte as a partner, where he worked before joining Ernst & Young, which he left after launching his business.

Don has also been to many advisory boards and positions.

Don Manifold has also worked at Equity & Advisory as a joint managing director, an advisory firm in South Australia. Don started Manifold Advisory to help companies execute and develop their business plan. The company’s marketing is based on taking ideas to their clients to assist them in making wealth.

Their clients are in Australia, among other countries where the company offers professional services and delivers optimum outcomes for their clients. He has kept professional relationships with RAM Equipment, Hybrid Ag, and Equity & Advisory positions as the chair advisory board.

Having a long time of board advisory experience, Manifold has the required knowledge to help clients with strategic planning sessions and business advisory boards. He is also equipped to assist clients with strategic reviews. Don Manifold, together with his staff, has helped clients with many types of acquisitions, transactions, and merges.

Their clients involved in the acquisition are assured that Don and the staff have enough knowledge of Australian regulations that all the parties must follow. For merges, Manifold, together with his team, assists the clients through the process of acquisition, which begins with developing a strategy where they continue to support them after the deal is complete. Don believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand cash flow, excellent people skills, and relentless persistence.

Manifold Advisory Partners gives a range of divestment services that helps clients maximize their businesses’ standards. The team supports the clients from the Initial industry by providing- post-divestment services, capacity evaluation, and program planning. Don hopes that they will expand the company to other Australian states in the future.

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