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Gordonstoun Transforming Lives Through Positive Reinforcements.

Gordonstoun Transforming Lives Through Positive Reinforcements.

When the word Gordonstoun crisscrosses the mind of any individual, they associate with school with Prince Philip.

But interestingly, the renowned institution is backed with a rich history that has impacted different lives.

The school was founded in 1934 by Dr. Hahn, a German national. His story for the inspirational move culminated after he fled to Moray in Scotland.

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He has acquired his education from abroad, and passing the knowledge to others was his first step in making change.

The first ten students to be admitted to the school included Prince Philip. He performed well in school, which was triggered by other admirable activities.

It was in cahoots with display excellent rescue services, fitness exercises, among other activities.

Therefore Dr. Hahn Focused on positive reinforcement for such exemplary students with the commemoration of the Moray Badge.

Prince Philip fully earned an award at the institution.

After Prince Phillip’s departure, the founder thought of other ways of making more impact by touching many learners.

After teaming with the Royal Highness, they were able to develop the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The award was meant to touch many lives across other nations Globally.

It was cemented on exceptional virtues of services, exploration, and also its focus on athleticism.

Additionally, the successful participants would compete on Rescue and Public Service variations, Expeditions, Pursuits, and exceptional performance through fitness.

Moreover, it has been passed from one generation to the other continuously to help the young people.

The award also came along with other beneficial programs for learners, including the Duke of Edinburgh Pilot Program, among others.

The Duke of Edinburgh award came in abundance to include other people, including the British army and navy, among others showing their interest in the program.

Gordonstoun is an international institution that offers a broad curriculum to its learners.

Further, the students can develop in different areas suited to various perspectives, including their emotions, physicality, and others.

There are other programs that Gordonstoun continues to equip its learners and is open to any other student.

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Learn more about Gordonstoun: https://www.isc.co.uk/schools/scotland/moray/elgin/gordonstoun/

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