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Greg Blatt’s Career Background

Greg Blatt has had a very diversified career background. He is a lot of different things such as a CEO, leader, and professional thinker. Some of his leadership careers has included being a leader at Match Group as well as the popular dating app Tinder just to name a few.

Thanks to his time there the companies saw an incredible amount of growth. Even though he has had quite a professional career he is not planning on settling anytime soon. Blatt understands to be successful you need that drive and passion behind the positions you are selecting and the companies you are choosing to work for. That is why he makes it a priority to choose positions that will not only satisfy him professionally but personally as well.

With every position, Greg Blatt takes it is with the mindset of providing growth for that company in one form or another. A little bit of information on Greg’s background is he attended Colgate University where thanks to his hard work and dedication he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Language, Literature, and Economics.

He accomplished this in 1990. Then he went on to continue his education at the well-known Columbia Law School where he worked hard and earned his Doctor Of Law, he accomplished this in 1995. From his current career, it may seem that he never got to use that hard to earn a law degree which is not true. He served for a time as general counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Throughout his career, he has become proficient in many different skills. Such as business intelligence, Business Management, Business Strategy, and general management as well. Greg really believes that you do not need to follow a linear career path. You have to not be afraid to take chances. Visit this page for more information.


Find more information about Blatt on https://wallmine.com/people/15340/gregory-r-blatt


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