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Huascar Lopez Quickly Realized His Ability For Entrepreneurialism

He was raised in a tiny town in the Dominican Republic by his lawyer father and university professor mother, and learned the value of family from them and his three older sisters. His uncle introduced him to a conference on networking in 2009 when he arrived to Santo Domingo’s capital city to begin his medicinal studies at the university. He quickly realized his ability for entrepreneurialism and altered his professional path. To earn a marketing degree at the age of 20 while attending business school, he started a travel agency while still in school.

On his journey back to his hometown, he discovered his enthusiasm for starting businesses and gaining experience in several fields, which he used to become an event organizer, amusement magazine producer, and television host, among other things.

A professional in the field of consumer products, services, and technology who has worked for a number of companies over the years and achieved significant leadership recognition has worked with companies to help them establish themselves in various markets and has built global organizations employing tens of thousands of people.

His passion for financial empowerment and the freedom that comes with a well-organized system based on sound economic principles inspired him to begin working immediately with cryptocurrencies in 2014, after several years of building worldwide teams.

It wasn’t long after that moment that his focus shifted from trading and technology to a quest for a network marketing organization that would allow him to extend his traditional enterprises and continue to set an example around the world for the rest of his life.

Among his notable accomplishments in the cryptosphere and as a trader, he has transacted more than $100 million in operations since 2016, and his track record of verified success in these transactions spans a period of nearly five years. As a result of his work in the cryptocurrency business and the relationships he’s built, he’s been able to realize a lifelong ambition of his by founding the Cash Forex Group, which he hopes will benefit tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Refer to this page for additional information.

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