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Hughes Marino and Founder Jason Hughes: Integrity Where It Counts The Most, At Home

Most of us hate the nightmare that can be buying a home. Between leasing agents, mortgages, and just the general sense that we are not getting the information we need. What most people want is someone who can cut through the red tape for them and in a crazy notion fight on their behalf. Enter Jason Hughes and Hughes Marino of the San Diego Area. For the better part of 30 years, Jason Hughes has been not helping buyer and tenant representation but also helping to pass laws to help potential home and lease owners.


Hughes helped bring into action the Dual Agency Disclosure bill of 2015. This provides a level of transparency in the process and a fair playing field for all commercial tenants. Hughes Marino involves itself in many commercial and real estate purchase projects. Regarded as experts in negotiations Hughes Marino has overseen a vast number of office, hotel, and condominium purchases. Jason Hughes himself has taken a concerted interest in ensuring loans and loan negotiations for tenants and is considered one of the leading experts in Southern California.


Why does this matter you might ask? As a homeowner myself, and watching the median household value of California residential property rise to a six-figure average, you want to be sure of your purchase. Hughes Marino wants to help its tenants, its buyers, and to be a resource for them long term as they may look into commercial property as well. With the amount of experience and a solid record of accomplishment Jason Hughes, and the company he founded, have proven their worth where it counts the most. The place you call home.

More on Jason Hughes´biography and career at Hughes Marino https://cascadebusnews.com/how-jason-hughes-of-san-diego-leveled-the-playing-field-for-commercial-tenants/

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