Hughes Marino Representation Firm According to the San Diego Business Journal

Hughes Marino Representation Firm is a Santa Barbara-based law firm. They focus on representing clients in family law issues such as marriage and children, adoption, and prenuptial agreements. Hughes Marino has been an integral part of the Santa Barbara community since 1990. Today it is one of the leading firms providing legal representation to its local community. 


The firm practices exclusively in all aspects of family law – divorce, child custody and visitation, paternity establishment, adoption, restraining orders for domestic violence victims, prenuptial agreements for couples contemplating marriage or remarriage; post-judgment enforcement proceedings; and contested guardianship proceedings. Hughes Marino has successfully represented clients in every county of California.


The firm’s attorneys are frequently referred to as the “economic divorce attorneys” by local media outlets because of the attention it pays to cases involving breadwinner clients and its frequent analysis of alimony and child support limits. In every aspect of family law, Hughes Marino has successfully represented clients in all counties in California. It is a common misconception that legal representation is costly. 


Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm


It leads many people to believe that obtaining legal advice from an attorney will cost them more money than they would have spent on their own if they had done it themselves. Professional legal representation can provide a client with the winning strategy needed to navigate an unfamiliar legal system. Hughes Marino says that in many states, attorneys provide a full range of services, and all clients are charged a retainer fee, often 20% or more of the amount at issue. 

In some cases, firms like Hughes Marino can represent cases without any fee unless clients file for divorce or obtain a restraining order on the advice of counsel. The representation firm is committed to providing individualized and compassionate representation to eliminate the judgment and confusion of dealing with family law issues alone. The firm concentrates on keeping those involved in their cases involved through frequent phone conversations and personal service.