Insights on The Online Trading Academy.

In over two decades, Online Trading Academy has served more than 80,000 students and launched the OTA Research Center. The primary purpose of setting up the OTA Research Center is to offer people different sources of research. Some research carried out in 2013 showed that, in general, most retailers and investors lose their money. However, another research carried out three years later showed the opposite.

To acquire results for the two types of research, Peter Swan and his team adopted a Holding-Period-Invariant (HPI) methodology instead of using the conventional Calendar-Time methodology. The shift in methodology from Calendar-Time to Holding-Period-Invariant has resulted in households performing better. Peter Swan believes that the Calendar-Time methodology used by many investors affects how they think and act. The reason is that they expect specific results in a stipulated period, such as a month or a year. Since the return on investments is final, investors do not get the chance to reinvest or exit from the business.

Peter Swan’s methodology aligns perfectly with many students at Online Trade Academy. Once retail traders and investors gain education on contrarian methodologies, they gain a very different experience than their uneducated counterparts. By diversifying the research scope, Online Trading Academy students gain more exposure and choose what works best for them.

For people looking to build their skills and confidence in the financial markets, the best option would be to enroll in the Online Trading Academy. The OTA’s methodology focuses on assisting traders and investors in making intelligent financial decisions that will guarantee success in their short-term or long-term goals. Apart from students using an interactive online platform known as CliK, they also get training from knowledgeable instructors in an interactive classroom. It does not matter whether the investors are beginners or professionals; there is a space for everyone.

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