Ron Gutman at Intrivo

Ron Gutman is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Interactive Health company HealthApp. He learned and studied to become an entrepreneur at the University of Pennsylvania. After he graduated in 1978, he started working with Apple Computers. Ron Gutman says that when other companies saw that interactive media was a great way in which one could interact with their audience, they all invested heavily in this new field.


Products Offered

HealthApp is an app that connects patients and doctors on the internet. Ron Gutman explains that it offers a direct line of communication between the two parties for communication. 


The app has been developed through iPad, iPhone devices, and browsers. It helps to treat diseases and manage health and overall wellness. Ron Gutman adds that it presents patients with easy solutions to treat themselves at home or find a good doctor when they are sick. Once they find a doctor they like, they can keep communicating with them through the app using private messages and chat rooms. 


When you don’t want to use these services, you can still correspond with your physician through email or phone, so there are no limitations. The feedback users give after using the app is that it has helped them get into contact with their doctors better. Ron Gutman recalls that the doctors can now interact with their patients directly through the app, so they know what the patient requires. 


Constant communication with the user gives the physician insight into what is happening in cases where they cannot treat the problem themselves. It also helps in providing constant medical information and updates to the patients. Ron Gutman knows this encourages them to adhere to their medical regimen well so they can achieve better health and wellness. The app also keeps track of medical history which is very important when making decisions regarding health issues and treatments.