The Journey of Tim Murawski in Medical Robotics

Success seems to follow Tim Murawski whenever he goes. Many people would think that the sales guru’s excellence in medical robotics started with his current role at Augmedics. However, Tim Murawski’s prowess dates back to several jobs before being a chief commercial officer and president at Augmedics. Go through his success over the appointments to grasp what it takes to excel in medical robotics. Baxter International Inc. gave Tim Murawski an opportunity in medical equipment sales that propelled his ability to market innovative products in healthcare. 


The first success among many other more came with the sales of needleless IV devices of Baxter International Inc. A mix of exceptional marketing skills and impeccable product knowledge propelled Tim Murawski to excel at the firm and prepared him for the next job. Success in medical robotics followed Tim Murawski to Intuitive Surgical at the turn of the century. Here, he helped grow the firm’s surgical robotics’ market share immensely. He started as an account manager, moved to a new sales management role, and then became sales director. 


The career movements strengthened Tim Murawski’s skills in surgical robotic knowledge needed for technical sales. Still, Hansen Medical provided Tim Murawski with the opportunity to advance care and success in medical robotics from 2008. He held two major roles in the Hansen Medical firm that equipped him to perfect sales management and executive leadership skills. The roles started with being country accounts director then proceeded to become sales vice president. Indeed, Tim Murawski has had immense excellence in medical-surgical equipment sales. Not only has his career progression enabled his success, but also sheer devotion to every position held. Thus, Tim Murawski remains a power to reckon with in medical robotics.

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