What Are Some Of The Risks Covered by Hauser Insurance Group?

Hauser Insurance is an independently owned insurance company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, Hauser has offices across several states in the US including, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Kansas City and Atlanta. Hauser Insurance has been operating for more than forty years, providing insurance solutions for different organizations, including multinational businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises. Hauser also offers insurance solutions to private equity firms and protects them from any future risks.

Hauser Insurance provides and creates valuable insurance solutions for several risks such as management liability, cyber threats, property and casualty, employment practices liability, transaction representation risk, private client risks and tax liability. With the complex, unique risks experienced in every industry and business, the team at Hauser provides specialized knowledge needed to protect every enterprise. In addition, Hauser Insurance offers various insurance services such as employee benefits, risk management and insurance solutions.

Hauser Insurance also offers consulting resources in every stage, from due diligence to the final step. Hauser has generated revenue worth more than 214 million dollars for the past four decades. One of the recent insurance solutions offered by Hauser includes tax liability insurance. Large corporations and businesses carry out large transactions frequently, which could lead to issues regarding tax exposures and indemnities hence requiring tax liability insurance.

If a tax exposure exists, a seller indemnity can be used to supplement tax liability insurance. If a seller indemnity is used in this case, the tax liability insurance works similarly to RWI insurance. However, RWI and tax liability insurance generally differ whether the tax exposure is known or unknown. The RWI insurance policy is used if a tax exposure is unknown, while the tax liability insurance policy only covers known tax exposures.

The tax liability insurance policy’s costs and terms depend on whether the tax exposure is known or unknown. However, applicants are required to obtain factual summaries and pre-quotation legal tax analysis.

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