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Work Experience and Critical Insights from Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is an experienced American CEO, lawyer, and philanthropist, gaining experience in business leadership from various positions and companies. Greg pursued BA at Colgate University and later enrolled at the Columbia Law School, where he finished his J.D. course. He has built vast experience, ranging from entertainment law to CEO positions in various companies.

Greg Blatt did not start as a lawyer immediately; he first pursued an undergraduate degree in English but never worked in this field. Instead, Greg worked in various casual jobs in various countries but eventually landed a position at Columbia law school, which he considers his life changer. His experience at law school opened him to perceive life differently. After graduating, Greg worked with different organizations, such as Martha Stewart as general counsel, leading him to his first position at IAC in a similar capacity.

Working at IAC expanded Greg Blatt’s skills, considering the big size of the holding company and its multiple subsidiary companies. After proving his mettle, IAC’s then CEO, Barry Diller, appointed Greg to work in his first CEO appointment, tasked with leading Match.com to greatness. Although it was challenging, Greg propelled it to financial and customer growth, justifying his appointment and ability to serve in bigger capacities, including the CEO of Match Group.

Using his vast leadership experience, Greg Blatt provides insights that all leaders can benefit from. For instance, he explains that while it’s critical to have laid-out plans for each day, it’s equally imperative to be flexible, ensuring that a leader can handle any impromptu issues that arise in a workplace. Besides, leaders need to be firm in ensuring that all activities are directed towards achieving organizational goals. Although leaders should provide autonomy to their junior staff, they must remain steadfast in asking how other employees handle their assigned tasks.

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