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You Should Know Andrew Frame, Citizen App Founder And Entrepreneur

Andrew Frame started his first business when he was 14 and it was quickly acquired by a larger company, which led to his parents’ severing ties with him. This experience forced him to take the time to figure out what he really wanted to do, and he spent most of his time in the following years working on, and later founding, a string of companies. His first company was a small communications company, CLTOP.

CLTOP was originally formed to create a way for amateur radio operators to share their knowledge online and stay in touch with one another, but over time, the company quickly grew to incorporate voice over IP, online gaming and even a series of website databases. The company was ultimately acquired by a large, well-known company in the telecom industry called US West.

Company Goals

Andrew Frame democratizes the citizenship process by empowering the users to contribute to the poll via their cell phones. All they need to do is select an address and answer a few questions to contribute to the poll. After submitting the information, the contributors will receive a text message from Citizen that will give them an address to deliver their completed ballot.

When they return the ballot, the data collected will be used to create an in-depth report to enable the individuals to make informed voting decisions. Since the poll began, over 3 million people have participated and over 150,000 elections have been directly determined by the volunteers who have contributed.

The Future for Citizen

“The future of Citizen App is still unfolding, and we have a great deal of work ahead of us to bring the benefits of low-cost solar to more people around the world,” Andrew Frame said. “What we are most excited about is the traction we’ve seen from Citizen’s pilots, where we have witnessed our customers pay off their solar loans more quickly than expected. We’re not just going to make homeowners solar ready — we’re going to unlock the potential of solar for homeowners with the power of machine learning, automation, and the cloud.”

Andrew Frame: I had this idea of using an app. You wouldn’t need to build out any infrastructure, you would simply send a text to a ride and have someone come pick you up, and if you wanted to, send a text back.

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